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Company overview

EWORLD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS is a licensed and bonded non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), ocean freight forwarding, domestic shipping, and logistics company offering door-to-door global shipping services. Thanks to long-term experience, we’re able to contract the best routing and most efficient solutions for your international and domestic shipping needs. This includes import and export services via ocean and air to all global destinations, plus intermodal transportation.

By understanding your goals and objectives for freight forwarding, we act as a virtual extension of your business. This approach affords uninterrupted daily transactions and real-time, 24/7 tracking so there are no surprises. Our vast industry knowledge and close relationships with all major carriers allow us to identify opportunities for significant shipping cost savings, making eWorld an invaluable business partner for freight forwarding, domestic shipping, and other cargo transport services.


Industries served:

  • General Commodities
  • Recyclables
  • Forestry
  • Flooring
  • Persian Rugs
  • Electronic Scrap


Open To Know What we Offer

eWorld International Logistics
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    • Proven Experience

      With more than a decade of combined experience as an NVOCC freight forwarder, EWORLD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS can transport virtually any commodity and help manage your supply chain demands for international cargo shipping. Relying on our extensive network of carriers and resources, we offer a worldwide fleet that spans oceans, air, and continents. Our proficiency with US Customs regulations, import and export documentation, logistics planning, international cargo shipping, and tariffs and service contracts helps clients save time, money and stress when moving freight on a global scale.

      We also offer targeted expertise as a freight forwarder for the recyclables and forestry industries. Our insight and strategic routing options help importers and exporters reduce transit costs, increase market opportunities, and avoid the hassles commonly faced when shipping forestry products and recycled goods.

      If you are looking for a service-oriented freight forwarder and international cargo shipping service, get in touch with eWorld at info@eworldintlogistics.com

      Our Unique Niche

      Accurately understanding your business and market enables us to consistently exceed your expectations for freight logistics and forwarding. This strength sets EWORLD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS apart. In addition to our mastery of freight logistics and forwarding, we offer focused expertise for the recyclables and forestry industries. We’ve worked with scrap commodity suppliers and manufacturers and understand how rate-driven these commodities can be. To offset these challenges, we develop shipping strategies that assure optimal freight logistics and forwarding service for the lowest price, plus the technology and reliability you expect.